Nomadic Village 2012
Wolsingham, Durham, UK, May 2012 21.05. - 03.06
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Nomadic Village

The Nomadic Village UK 2012 was produced in collaboration with ISIS Arts (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) and supported by Durham County Arts Team. It welcomed nomadic artists from all over the world, whose practice is rooted in themes surrounding nomadism; those who intentionally displace themselves to seek encounters that not only influence their work but form it; artists who work without borders and constantly respond to situations, places and people along their journey. The Nomadic Village acts as a platform for artists working in this manner, ultimately creating a wider, more visible network for nomadic artists.

Participating Artists:

Boris Duijneveld NL
Lindsay Duncanson/Marek Gabrysh/Lucas UK
Peter Westman/Penka Mincheva SE/BG
Krista Burger NL
Sunyoung Kim KR
Tadlachance FR
Quindell Orton AU
Umi Baden-Powell UK
Andrew and Caitlin Webb-Ellis CA/UK
Wideyed UK
Sharon Wilson UK
Alison Brierley/Marcus/Baby UK
Katie Surridge/Jon Martyn UK
Stuart McAdam UK
Ursula Achternkamp GE
Steve Ronnie UK
Michael Vincent Manalo PH
Mar Shro UK
Seeta Muller/Fabienne Khial NZ/FR
Karim Blanc (FR)
Alan Smith/Andrew Wilson UK


Klaus Mähring A


with the support of:

Kultur Graz